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From the research I've done in the past, proximity sensors seem to be the better option as an anti-theft measure. I've read reviews saying shock sensors are fairly useless and they're normally provided with just about any aftermarket alarm system. On the most sensitive setting of my Compustar alarm w/ shock sensor, I would be able to mess with my old Si without triggering the alarm. I would think the proximity would be better to even keep would-be thieves from even peeking into the car for quick grabs like stereo equipment or electronics.

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You didn't configure your shock sensor properly then if it never went off...
I have a compustar w 2 shocks.sensors tilt and accelerometer w hood pin sensor... At the middle setting it will warn if a car drives by and if you tap a window or pull a door handle

And proximity isn't much useful unless you have a convertible and if you do id like to see pics of the first.convertible tsx! Lol

So what's going to happen if you add a shock sensor is the alarm will be triggered and keep going off until whatever the factory alarm is set to time out at... Since its.not a two way and you'll have no idea its going off
So what's the.point of that?

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