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Alpine type r set up

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hey i have a hole set up and i need to no if this is all i will be needing , im 16 and have been doing everything my self. i have 4 alpine type r 6 1/2 , 2 alpine type r 6x9s, two 12" type r subs , a pioneer 4 x50 w deck. now i plan on setting a 800w 2 channel amp up to the subs . and a 4 channel 800w amp up to the 6x9 and two of the 6.5 s and leave the other 6.5 to be run by the deck , will this work !!!
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Yes of course it will work.
I would recommend a mono amp though (class D) for the subs as it will be much more efficient than an AB 2-channel amp.

If you are asking us how to hook it up...well, you are on your own.
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