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Always wanted these....

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I had seen many other OEM rims on a TSX but never these :D .. i personally LOVE them .. took them off for now put my old rims back but LMK what you guys think ..

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370z wheels .. And thanks guys
^ yeah i seen those but those aren't 5x114 and i dont like to use adopters .. also i don't think those are as aggressive
I agree. But, they are 5x114.3 & 18x8 -- all STIs are aside from 2004, I believe.
Nah bro sti are 5x100 ( at least the rims that are pictured above )
Lol I might be wrong haha.. I always thought ,08 n up subby usd 5x100 but I guess not then..but sti rod also so look very nice I just ended up getting a good deal on this had to go for it

Edit: Lol nvm just got the answer to that some subby r 5x100 n others are 5x114
These are up for trade :) ..trying to keep it local

Looking for 18s only rpf1 ..
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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