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First off, props to the OP for posting this way back when. It's an incredibly cost effective way to get cold air to the engine, even some ram air if one removes the fog light/cover. I had my intake setup exactly as OP posted for a couple years without issue, and typically my IATs ran only 7-12°F above ambient.

And then I hydrolocked my engine in ~8" of water.

I'm not at all blaming OP for this, I just want to share my experience and remind others to weigh your options and be conscious of the dangers of hydrolock. I was always very cautious around standing water but I got caught in a heavy rainstorm, to the point I could barely see, and drove into ankle deep water without even knowing it until it was too late.
My car is lowered, but not at all slammed. I still have a 2 finger gap between 235/50/17 tires and my fender.

In the pic above (yes I know it's from the wrong side of the car), The red line shows an approximation of where the bottom of the old intake mod used to land.

Pic from front fog light hole. So not only does it sit very low in the fender, but the inlet is aimed forward and has the potential to scoop water if you run into some. After my incident, I discovered my entire intake manifold was full of water. I could open the throttle body and touch it.

I probably dumped 2 quarts out of my manifold, and another quart came out of the oil pan with the oil.
I got the engine running again but something felt off, after further testing I learned I had bent rod #4. Piston #4 was sitting 3mm lower than the rest. I swapped in a one step hotter spark plug and it ran much better. Drove it 20 miles to the shop where I replaced the engine, again.
On that note... If anyone has use for a JDM K24A longblock with ~70k miles (10k by me since import) with one bent rod to replace, shoot me a message, I'll entertain offers.


The yellow line represents where my inlet is now. I got rid of the OEM piping below the airbox, and just added a simple 3"-4" (76mm-102mm) 45° silicone coupler to the bottom of the airbox so the air is still pulled from inside the fender, but about 5" higher. This also points the inlet straight down, so any water that got to it would have to be pulled straight up to go into my intake. IATs are still in the same temperature range, and induction sound is good.
I am even more leery of water now, but feel much better knowing my inlet is a few inches higher.

Drive safe out there folks! Happy modding!
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