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An excuse to upgrade...

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So I dunno what to call this really.... it's sort of a rant/question/share thread I guess. So I recently drove to SF for the week to spend time with friends and while driving downtown, I decided to take a turn too sharply and my sideskirt hit the curb.

This is how it is now:

This is the first time I did it:

This would be the second time this has happened and I was pretty frustrated by it. I was literally :banghead: next to my car as my friends got out. I ended up just saying 'screw it' and bought the a-spec side skirts, but I was wondering if others had this "problem."
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Yup. Turned right on a corner trying to go down a ramp at a mall and scrapped my side skirt. The whole skirt fell off except the end that was screwed onto the rear fender. I had to drive backwards and bolt it back on. Luckily my car is black so it's not too noticeable.

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Dang, at first I thought the snow was damage to the paint. You must've hit that curb hard and fast?

Stop chasing animals! You are cruel! ;) Really bad lucked I meant... hope you guys get this fixed! J~
:laugh: Kind of reminds me of my bumper right now after driving up and down from California and all the bugs I killed.
I wonder if a clear plastic film would help...
I did this at school... Parked next to a ridiculously high curb and forgot it was there, nice scratch on the side skirt and lower rear door :(
Oh yea, I did this too only my car was stock height and went right over the curb. Still scratched the bottom though.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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