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For the last 6 months I've been wrestling with the decision on what new vehicle to get when the lease ended on my 2001 Toyota RAV4. I didn't want to go with an SUV again. While I really loved the RAV it just didn't have the performance I wanted. My previous 2 cars before that were a first and second generation Nissan Altima and while I enjoyed both of them as well they were certainly big compromises in the performance department as well.

So..... this time I swore I was NOT going to settle for a car that just looked good and was comfortable. It had to have power. There was no way I was going to even look at something without a 6 cyl and 240+ HP. My initial choices had been narrowed down to the Nissan Maxima, Infinity G35, BMW 330, Lexus IS300 and Mazda 6s. Pretty wide range (on all counts from size to performance to cost).

While doing my research I ran into the new Acura TSX. While I've never been a Honda fan I've always liked the Acura TL. On paper the TSX looked like I shouldn't even be considering it. The Mazda 6 was already a compromise to my performance expectations and I was NOT going to buy another 4 cyl under any circumstances. Then I started reading reviews and all the TSX forums. Everyone who had driven this car seemed to love it. Many had the same reaction of "oh, not another Honda 4" before the drive and came out with a much different opinion. So the TSX joined my list.

In November I went to the Boston auto show and checked out all the cars in more detail. (I hate dealing with car dealers so I tend to do my research at the shows and on Sundays at the dealers). This was the first time I has seen a TSX in person since neither of my local Acura dealers had one in stock. The TSX jumped way up on my list at this point. My first choices were still the G35 and IS300 but they both had 2 problems. They are rear wheel drive (which is great if you don't live in New England) and they both cost nearly $10K more than the TSX and Mazda 6.

I finally decided that the rear wheel drive was just too impractical and decided that it was time to drive a TSX. Two weeks ago I called one of my local Acura dealers and found out that they had the model and color that I was interested in (White/5AT/No Nav) coming in with their next shippment. I went down that day for a drive. That was all it took - I was hooked. Performance, handling, ride, comfort, looks - everything was above my expectations.

Yesterday the saga ended when I picked up my new TSX. The car came in less than a week after I first called the dealer. Just lucky that I hit it at the right time since TSX's in general are pretty scarce around here. Wound up getting a good deal - about $750 under list on a 39 month lease. I also had them put on the 3M RoadBlock invisible bra from Autobhand (which turned out great). I couldn't be happier with the car. I have a short 7 mile commute to work which I now wish was longer. The good part is that it is 7 miles of twisting back roads which I drove with the TSX for the first time this morning. WooHoo!!

One thing I should mention is that I don't fit the demographic of the typical TSX owner at all. I'm a 46 year old male who has been married for 24 years and has a 9 year old child. I guess that this means that I should be driving a TL (or a BMW or Lexus or Mercedes...) but I wouldn't trade the TSX for any of them.

Thanks to all those on this board who contributed their TSX experiences and helped to steer my to looking at this car. Without you guys I probably would have just blown the TSX off and missed out on this awesome car.

Happy TSXing -

Mark Truman

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Welcome to the site Mark!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe kind of like my first experience in the tsx!

post some pictures up :D

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The only real demographic for this car is to not be "brain dead," enjoy the car and welcome to "club!"

Take it from another "old guy" as you already are finding out, this car is an amazing blend of ride, comfort, handling and performance.

BTW, I used to believe all Toyotas were quieter than Hondas, this car is like a "tomb" inside. I sure hope Honda starts to make all their cars like this?

Enjoy your new ride and happy holidays.
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