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Hello all, new to the forum.....but I have checked out all the existing TPMS threads to no avail.

Here's my problem:

I just bought an 07 TSX and live in upstate New York. It snows here, so I went for some winter tires. I've fitted Honda part number 42700SDBA91 steelies with 195 60 16 Blizzaks (one size down, less that 1% diff in diameter). I chose not to run TPMS sensors to avoid the extra cost.

Supposedly this happens when no sensors are present:

"Can’t turn off the VSA? Check to see if the TPMS indicator is on. Anytime it’s on, the VSA also stays on to improve road handling when a tire is low or flat. And here’s something else: If your service customer has installed wheels without TPMS sensors, the VSA and the TPMS indicator will always be on."

This was taken from Acura Service News April 08 page 2 upper left, an Am Honda Co publication (verified by Acura Client Serv). The website to these docs is:

However, I get no TPMS error light or VSA light. The MID even displays pressure values when queried and does not display a system error. Now remember: THERE ARE NO TPMS SENSORS INSTALLED IN THE NEW WHEELS. I have driven the car over 25 miles since the swap last night.

Anybody got a clue for me here? Thx!
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