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Any Dallas/Garland members out there?

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I don't see to many members from Texas. Anyone in the Dallas/Garland or surrounding cities out there?
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johnej is from Watauga, Texas, which is near Ft. Worth.:)

MarkinTX is also from DFW.
I am from Coppell, which is located in north dallas,,, about to purchase new 05 tsx,,,

recommand any dealers or sales man?
Addison TX.

I would recommend Vandergriff Acura.
Just go to KBB or Edmund and get the on-line quote and let them compete for the price. :spin:
Carrollton TX! got mine from vandergriff as well. any tsx clubs or meets ever go down?
dude no way. i live in carrollton to. newman smith baby!
I'm in Frisco Texas. I'd be down for a meet. Got my 2004 at David McDavid in Plano. :thumbsup:
I just moved to Dallas (live in Uptown) there's like 4 TSXs just in my apt complex alone
No where close to you all. I am in deep deep south TX. Got my 05 TSX at Gunn Acura in San Antonio.
Lewisville, TX. Haha, Newman Smith. I'm Class of 2000 from Newman Smith. Rock on! Any of you guys Aggies? I graduated from A&M in 2004.

I'm getting my TSX from David McDavid in Plano. Apparently mine is en route to the USA from Japan right now.
I'm in Dallas Highland Area.

Any meet up what kind of tsx you guys have?
ANy mods?
Whats theprice that you guy's bought it for?

Good Luck
alright guys.. im going to try to set up a meet on clubrsx.. which is my home forum.. please sign up for it and meet up over there.. my tak is psykotik maniak.. im down for a meet anytime.. i will PM all of you for a meet
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tsx in Irving/Denton, TX

yeah watsup people...its good to hear from hometown TSX'ers! Whoever is gona set up a meet, count me in. I am just getting the change to start mods for my 05 TSX, and things are going just fine. I wana be able to show my ride off with a bunch of TSX's so we can show all those damn regions up north and in cali that weve got some shit going :spin: Take it easy..
im from arlington any meets coming up ?
Not sure...

Well us three are the only ones that have replied to this thread, but I know there are more TSXers out there, ive seen nicely modified ones down george bush and also I20 area... but yes, maybe we should set up a meet once we pull some more people, since we replied first haha. I am ready for anything, just in the process of some nice mods, so you two get back to me by PM if ya'll want.
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