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This is only an interest thread.

As some of you may know, we work with carbon fiber, and other 'fiber materials' (fiberglass, kevlar). We sell and manufacture these items, along with other aftermarket parts. With that in mind...

What would you guys consider purchasing in carbon fiber for your interior or exterior. (please, no 'funny' remarks).

For example, just for kicks, we're starting to make the gauge cluster (outter part), the center ring for the shifter (manual models). I also thought of the inside doorhandles and knucle guards....

Please dont hesitate to give suggestions or ask questions if I didn't make myself clear enough. Also, if you have pictures of an item, dont hesitate to post them..... as pictures speak louder than words.


(that's a BMW)
(those are items for an NSX)

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Revived from the dead :eek:


Anyway, the products you see are over-lays, however, full carbon fiber can also be made.

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