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Will be a lot of TLs I think - being organized on the zine. Here is the link to sign up /info.

Be nice to have some TSXs and I'd like to meet some of you guys, although I know this area isn't as heavily populated with our cars as with TLs.


or try translate the above to

http colon slash slash that zine site that becomes a bnch of stars dot com/forums/showthread.php?t=873567

I will be heading out there to at least have 1 TSX in the mix. Its a beautiful place - should be some good opportunities for pictures. I just picked up a new lens for my Nikon D7000 DSLR so I will be taking a lot of pictures if any of you guys want some free professional shots.I think some folks are going to grab some lunch and watch football after at a local place.

I only 20 minutes from great falls but I know some poeple are caravaning down from Jersey and up from Southern VA.

Shoot me a text at 202 256b 6863 or drop me an email patrick.holway AT if you want to ride up there from DC.
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