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Anybody with experience in Coil Overs!

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Posted this awhile back didnt get any help on it. Figured I would post again. Thanks for the help in advance.

"Hey guys haven't posted in awhile but I am looking for some help.

I am currently in the market to buy some new Coil Overs for my 2005 TSX. I need to know if the two brands I have been recommended are worth it.

MEGAN Racing EZ Street Coil Overs $690 New

Tein Super Street Coil Overs $730 New

I have been told both will do fine but the people I have talked to told me to go with Tein. So I figured I would ask y'all what I should get. Or if there is much of a difference.

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Why don't you just go with the regular Megan Racing Coilovers and skip the "EZ" version. More adjustability and a better Coilover for about the same price if you know where to buy them.

I think a lot would depend on your preferences and what you want to do. If you are looking to slam your car, go with the Megan as they go lower. If it is a daily driver, either will work. As stated previously, do your research. What one person thinks is a soft ride might be hard or some else. A lot has to do with your personal preferences.

See if you can find cars that have both and take a ride in them and see which one you like.
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