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TSX Sold! Hello STi!
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Larch --- funny you should ask! The "Amadeus" in my name actually comes from the DJ name I used to spin under when I was a tad bit younger. I had residencies at the Tunnel, Roxy, and some other smaller venues in NYC when they were open. I moved from the house music into more underground type stuff (acid techno, freeform, etc.), so I stopped spinning at the clubs and started getting booked primarily at raves. No hatin' on me please! The "303" in the screen name comes from the Roland TB-303, an analog synthesizer from back in the day. It was my favorite piece of gear in my music studio.

In any case, I actually do happen to love Mozart, but that spans from my classical music background in piano. I started when I was 4, and attended Juliard while I was in 8th grade through high school. I know... my musical interests are pretty broad, eh? :rolleyes:

The biography aside (lol), thanks for the welcome! I'm really liking this board, and everyone is very friendly...

Till the next threads my friend...
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