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Anyone ever done exhaust cutouts or varex mufflers?

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thinking about doing a exhaust setup where I can switch between stock silent and race loud with the push of a button. the two options I have found so far are simply exhaust cutouts, or there is a company making a variable muffler system called varex that would do the job without having to dump the exhaust under the car. I've ran through the different scenarios in my head a few times and realized id probably just want to do a mid muffler delete, and install two varex mufflers to replace the stock ones. any thoughts, guidance or ideas of how i could achieve the ability to turn a loud exhaust off and on.

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Yessir, affirmative..
Varex X-Force, 3" in. 4" out.
r/c not connected atm.
Hooked it up to 12v and manually closed it.. (ppl behind me at work, going into the park garage said that their fillings were shaking, 2 cars behind me...)
Optic is great, just one exit/tunnel r/h
Sound atm is bareable/reasonable.. nice bassey sound, even @ 8k rpm where you'd expect it to whine
Once the engine is finally tuned, i will reopen the valve, because then it can better 'back what its screaming about'....
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If I didn't have a garage to park in, I'd have to hang up a fence so street people don't climb in to get out the cold...:sleep:

So, got the hardware back today... it has a 12v cig-jack input plug.. quite the eye-sore... a controller box... i had played with it here using a lab generator (up to 15v) before having it installed, and the remote was quite slow.. like a stepper motor.. clicks/steps opening and closing.. attaching the 12v right to the connector on the pipe and it openend/closed in one swift motion.. therefore i am thinking of hardwiring it in, perhaps using a 2 way toggle switch instead of the remote(s)..:

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