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anyone from dallas texas

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im from nj... and im getting ripped off by a company called JDM parts: Honda, Toyota, Nissan - Japanese aftermarket and performance car parts - Homepage there address is 10445 markison road dallas texas 75238. basicly i asked dude id he had a product in stock at his facility and he stated yes..i placed order and he bullshits me with the tracking number. i then want to cancel my order and tell me that he shipped allready and cant refund me my money . i then called fedex and the asshole never droped or it was never picked up by fedex driver... i did a claim with the bank .. then asshole refunds me partial money . i called him and he has the nerve to tell me he had to withhold 25% restocking fee becuase he had to get it from another can someone take a drive out there and find out who is the owner and give me a little it more detail if they have another location in another state or nearby... act like you want to uy something thanx

oh yea his name is jazeb ...
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Fort Worth here

H. Lubar
[email protected]

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