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I am planning on leaving Seattle around 7am to roll down to Portland for the TSX meet. Few other cars will also be there I am guessing. I have a couple friends that are most likely going with and another down there who will meet up before. The plan is to get there early and meet up at Llyod Center ball. Grab a bite. Find a car wash and hopefully meet up with a few other members. We will be chillin for awhile not sure on the exact plan but this is only going to be a day trip. Have things to do back here at night.

If anyone is interested lets get a good solid plan if we need to meet up along the way. It's going to be a fun drive! :mardi: Make some new friends! and hopefully the P.O. guys can make it out to Seattle Meet.

Got a few days to get details together and take work off. Going rain or shine! Weather said partly cloudy with sun breaks. (fingers crossed)

-:fro:<--Looks like me haha
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