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Anyone with carseat?

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I am a potential 09 TSX owner. One thing that's stopping me is the size of the 2nd row and its distance from the back of the front row seats. Carseat in the middle of the back is a must for me. Hence two questions:
1 - Is my kid going to kick my head routinly, or is the back far enough?
2 - With the car seat in the middle, very occasionaly can I have to small to "medium" built adults in the back?

I would appreciate response from anyone with experience.

Thank you
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I've only got experience with a rear-facing carseat on the passenger side so far for our newborn. I haven't had to put a seat in the middle yet.
Thanks for a very quick reply.
I remember using the rear facing one. It was bigger that the one I have now. How does the rear facing one fit, is there some room left?

Thank you.
I have an 05 & had a rear facing car seat that could be removed from the base and installed in behind the passenger seat and there was room in the front. Now I switched to a bigger car seat but still have it rear facing until the little guy is 1 yrs old, and room in the front passenger seat is minimal. This should hopefully change when i put it front facing but i doubt you can fit 2 adults in the back with it. If it is a big concern, I would bring your car seat to the dealership and place it in the back to see if there is enough room to your liking.

Are you supppose to put the car seat in the middle? I have read that it should be at the side.
My child is in the full backed booster seat right now. She is nowhere near kicking my head, and her feet dangle down behind the passenger seat with no issues. I seat her on the passenger side.

It was a much tighter fit in my 98 coupe accord with recaro race seats, but we got by for awhile.
Like others have said, it would depend on the particular car seat you have. And it also depends on how tall you are/how far you have the seat back.

I had a Peg Perego rear-facing in the middle without any incidents, and I occasionally run the Britax Marathon forward facing in the middle as well - legs dangle just fine, but when they're feisty they can reach your headrest pretty easily (also depends on how big the kid is).

Two passengers would be a stretch - they'd probably want to be pretty darn skinny as the middle is not that wide to begin with so the car seat will likely overlap with part of the two passenger seats. If you wanted to carry just one passenger, I'd advise to move the car seat over to the right (I know that middle is a "must" for you, but perhaps this can be considered if you are in a pinch) and let the passenger sit behind the driver.

Note: Keep in mind this is for my '05 - I don't have any firsthand experience w/ the second-generation TSX so I can't comment much about that.
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I have a Britax carseat and it worked fine for me. The carseat never seemed stable enough in the middle due to the curvature of the seats so I moved it to the side. Plenty of room for my daughter, who is 3 years old and 37 inches tall.

As for me, I am 6' 1" tall, and it is still not a problem with my seat positioned comfortably for me. I would suggest taking a carseat with you when you test drive it and check it out. That's what I did. You'll love the '09 if you get one.
4 adults + baby

I have a two year old and she reaches my seat and kicks it occasionally when bored. The car seat is in the middle. My wife usually sits with her, and today I fit 5 people in the car, including my wife, my parents and the car seat. Before that I had a Civic and we also fit there. I am 6'2. My wife is 5'. My parents are average height and weight. If you arrange it correctly, you can sit comfortably.
I own an 06 and my 3-year old's forward-facing car seat - Britax Roundabout - is in the middle. I'm about 5'8". She can (and does) kick the back of either front seats from time to time, but it's easy to get her into and out of her car seat. Medium/smaller passengers can ride in the two rear passenger seats but the car seat will slightly poke them.

I also borrowed an 09 when my 06 was in the shop, and had to put the car seat in it too - in the middle. Space on the sides seemed about the same, but it was noticably harder to get my daughter into her car seat, and she could kick the font seats more easily. I think that the front seats on the 09 are thicker (in the back) than the 06.
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