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Anyone with carseat?

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I am a potential 09 TSX owner. One thing that's stopping me is the size of the 2nd row and its distance from the back of the front row seats. Carseat in the middle of the back is a must for me. Hence two questions:
1 - Is my kid going to kick my head routinly, or is the back far enough?
2 - With the car seat in the middle, very occasionaly can I have to small to "medium" built adults in the back?

I would appreciate response from anyone with experience.

Thank you
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I have a Britax carseat and it worked fine for me. The carseat never seemed stable enough in the middle due to the curvature of the seats so I moved it to the side. Plenty of room for my daughter, who is 3 years old and 37 inches tall.

As for me, I am 6' 1" tall, and it is still not a problem with my seat positioned comfortably for me. I would suggest taking a carseat with you when you test drive it and check it out. That's what I did. You'll love the '09 if you get one.
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