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This seems like a good place to bring up some stuff about tires that hasn't been discussed since a lot of new people have arrived here.....

(Or, if the admins/mods don't want it on this thread or forum, feel free to move it elsewhere, like to the thread where this comes from:

I said this a few weeks ago on the "Better Tires" thread (Tires & Rims forum):

larchmont said:
The OEM tires take a hit whenever they get discussed on any of these forums. I have often asked what tires people think would be better, and whatever different tires anybody would mention, there would always be some drawback.

These seem to be the most common drawbacks of other tires:

(1) The ride would be rougher.
(2) You can't keep them on during snow -- i.e. you have to change to snows for the winter.
(3) They wear out a lot faster.

To me, these seem like significant negatives. I'm not interested in switching to tires that would worsen the ride quality. I love not having to bother with another set of tires. And I love basically not having to think about changing tires at all for like 40,000 miles or more.

So it looks like maybe the OEM's are just about the best tires that give a combination of reasonably good performance and handling, reasonably good ride, all-season capability, and great longevity.

Kind of like the TSX itself, when you think of it.

If people could suggest tires that do a better job of that whole package, I'm all ears.
Some other people added that with other tires there might also be a sacrifice in MPG, but that wouldn't bother me a lot.

It puzzles me that it seems to be so much assumed that the OEM tires are pretty awful and that you can do better almost by throwing a dart at a board. Yet, as near as I can tell, nobody yet has been able to mention any other tire that's better on performance (or on anything) without sacrificing one or more of the above things. And maybe that's why (AFAIK) so few people have changed their tires and/or rims.

If someone could mention a tire that really is better than the OEM's without sacrificing any of the things I mentioned, I'd probably be a buyer.

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Best bang for the buck I have found are the Falken Azenis. They are a soft compound summer tire, designed for maximum traction. With that said, they wear very fast. Also, not a good tire in the wet.
Do to living in SoCal, that is really not an issue (as it doesn't rain here much). I have had several sets of these on my (former) ITR, and can't say enough good things about them. Also, the cost can't be beat!!

"Race-bred, Stick-to-the-Pavement tread design offers the ultimate in handling and performance.
Maximum transfer of braking and acceleration to the pavement
Unique tread pattern that not only performs, but adds an aggressive look to the vehicle.
Asymmetrical tread design
Stiff sidewalls for control and a firm ride
Solid tread blocks for excellent dry-weather performance
Sidewall and shoulder block reinforcement that won't roll under.
Excellent endurance and durability, high heat resistance
Note: This tire does not qualify for Falken's 30 day ride guarantee."

Check out this review :

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Joker said:
.....they wear very fast.....
See what I mean? :D

So, still looking.

Not that y'all have to care about MY criteria -- people looking for better performance or better whatever can find lots of tires to get, if they're not worried about one sacrifice or another.

But I'd bet that FWIW most Acura customers and TSX customers would have criteria that are pretty similar to what I said.

BTW I'd love for big h maybe to suggest something.

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larchmont said:
See what I mean? :
Well Larch, when it comes to tires, usually performance = compromise in tire life. All season usually = harder compound, longer life, less performance.
So first you must determine what you want out of your tires, then how much you want to pay, and then the rest will fall into place.
Let us know what you decide.

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Here is an expamle receipt from Tire Rack:

4 18x7 Mille Miglia EV-S Bright Silver Paint
$225 x 4= $900.00
4 225/45WR18 Yokohama AVS ES100
$155 x 4 = $620.00
1 McGard locking wheel nut set
$19.95x1 = $19.95

UPS Ground

Grand Total: $1,612.58

Less 10% off of the wheels and tires:
(900+620) - 10% = $1368

Your NEW total with the McGard locking wheel nut set and shipping is now going to be


larchmont said:
[If someone could mention a tire that really is better than the OEM's without sacrificing any of the things I mentioned, I'd probably be a buyer. [/B]
I understand what your saying.
I did change my tires
because I cut one and didnt want to pay 200 for one
michelin, i got two Pirelli Pzero Nero for 280 shipped.

The car's handling was not right and I got two more
pirellis and sold 3 used michelins on Ebay.

I got 340 for 3 used michelins and paid 560 for 4 pirellis.
I will stay on the pirellis from now on.

The Pirellis have every advantage over the michelin except
uniformity ( ride disturbances ). One pirelli pulled and I sent
it back for replacement. They take a long time to smooth out
when they flatspot in the cold. I have to keep inflation high
at 36 to smooth out vibrations. High speed uniformity is
very good above 70 mph, the vibrations I had were lateral
force which is lower speed and balance.

Pirelli needs to improve their lateral forces.

This is more a chance in the individual tires you get, some
people will get 4 out of 4 perfect, or 3 out of 4, it is a risk
in all aftmkt tires. I have actually had about the worst
luck with vibrations from Bridgestone who is world
class manufacturer in every way. They all have some problem
except Michelin is far ahead in uniformity. That is their only

The Michelins are just not very good handling or performance
and you can only know this when you experience this car
on really good tires. My car is so much better now.

The Pzero Nero is non-directional and can be rotated side to side.
It is showing longer life already than the michelins, my front michelin already wore 3/32 in 8k miles, with only 4 more 32nds left to the wear bars. The Pzero has silica tread which is OE technology and is best for wet traction and long wear. They have no hydroplaning at all with straight grooves and open shoulder slots.

I also got 235/45r17 which i like the car's stance better, same
ride height as stock. ( other brands of p235's may be too wide
but I can confirm that the P235 Pzero is perfect for our wheel
and car )

The Pzero is made is USA, Georgia. Other than the risk and
aggravation of dealing with a ride disturbance and maybe having
to change out a tire, these have every advantage. Discount tire
replaced the one I complained about pulling with no questions
asked. I may send another back for balance vibration at 60-65

There are some super performance tires like Bridgestone's
RE750 that would be wonderful, but these cant be rotated side to side and are useless in snow. Pzero is M+S rated.
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