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hey guys,

*********.com members have put together a meet on April 16th. We are trying to invite as many TL, CL, RL, TSX, and RSX owners as we can. here is the link to the thread in *********.com: http://www.*********.com/forums/sho...33&page=1&pp=25.

here's info on the meet :

Meet In Daly City Area (Location TBD) then hit the twisted road where Highway 35 and 84 meets. This area is where street Bikes go during the summer. What do you guys think.

We can then converge off Highway 35 once again to hit Highway 84 twisties and end up in woodside.

The total drive should be 2hours of gratifying but not too long and not too difficult drive for us older people.

if want more info follow this link to *********- http://www.*********.com/forums/sho...33&page=1&pp=25

as of right now we have 19 cars attending the event. we still have a month and a half to recruit more people. so, just imagine how big this event will be. we are trying to make this a bery big event to show the other regions how nor cal does! so, let's try to get more people in.
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