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aragrev7's DIY 06 CGP TSX MT Build

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aragrev7’s build Thread


Having done many different and unique mods along the way, I’ve decided to start a build thread to lay out where I started and where I am now. This was my first car coming from two street bikes, so I really had little idea of what I wanted to do with the car. I will admit now that not all my mods were the best of ideas, but in my defense, when I think of a challenging project I really can’t help but see if I can accomplish it. Most of my mods are tried and true by the community, but I like to test out unique mods when I can. I do my own thing, so if you hate, then my thing is not your thing and that’s ok!:buttkick: I try to do everything myself so I can afford parts. Basically everything you see I have had to research, learn and do on my own, or with some help from my cousins a road trip away. I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t through trial & error and mostly YouTube videos and invaluable DIY guides/member input found on these forums. So thank you all for helping me get to where I am going!!

I will start with my current state, and continue updating (w/ pics) as I progress. I decided to add my resource for the part because well that’s how we roll in psychology. Give credit where credit is due! (If I missed you let me know!) aragrev7 = myself and/or cousins.
Picture Story to follow :popcorn:

Meets/Shows/Photo Shoots

Summary of Modifications to date: [Resource]
Viper LCD 2-Way w/ shock, glass, tilt, & proximity sensors, voice module, extra internal sirens, system back-ups [Visions]
Viper SmartStart for iPhone (Entry/Start/Status) [Visions]


Exedy Stage 1 Clutch (Organic) [HeelToe]
Exedy Lightweight Chromoly Flywheel [HeelToe]
TL A04 Clutch Master Cylinder [HeelToe]
Adler Clutch Slave Cylinder [HeelToe]
Fastline Performance Steel Braided Clutch Line [HeelToe]

07-08 Manual Transmission ECU [TSXClub]
Hondata Flashpro Tune [TSXClub][/COLOR]
Replaced: Hondata Reflash [HeelToe][Hondata California]

Injen Cold Air/Short Ram Intake (CGP/Anodized Purple)[SpeedTech-Calgary]
DIY Throttle Body Coolant Bypass[aragrev7]
Hondata Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket TSXclub

CT-E Stainless Steel Header [TSXclub]
Fastline Performance High-Flow Cat w/ O2 Defouler [TSXclub]
Custom Piping with Apexi World Sport 2 (WS2) Exhaust Mufflers [THMotorsports][Duals Mufflers-Winnipeg]
-Cusco/J’s Racing Hangers [HeelToe]

CT-E Short Shifter [HeelToe]
Strut King Shifter Base Bushings [Strut King]
KTuned Shifter Cable Bushings [Speed Factor Racing-Winnipeg]
-Replaced: Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings [HeelToe]
-Replaced: Corsport Shifter Cable Bushings [HeelToe]
Skunk2 Shift Knob [TSXclub]
-Replaced Maven Knob (dipped in Dark Chrome) [HeelToe]

Pulleys & Belt
Unorthodox Racing SS Lightweight Pulley Set (Red Anodized) [TSXclub]

Gatorback Serpentine Belt [TSXclub]

45 Degree VTC Gear (Pinned) [TSXclub??]

Ingalls ETD "stiffy" (Anodized Purple) [TSXclub]

Optima Yellow Top - #34 upgrade [Manitoba Battery]

Engine Bay Cosmetic Horsepower
Mugen Oil Cap[Local]
Anodized Purple Valve Cover[aragrev7]
CGP Spark Plug Cover [aragrev7]
CGP Intake Manifold Cover [aragrev7]
Anodized Purple Intake Manifold [aragrev7]
Anodized Purple Dipstick [aragrev7]


Ride Height:
Tein Super Street Coilovers [TSXclub]
- Refurbished Spring Seats, Seat Locks, and Thrust Washer.
Ingalls Rear Camber Kit [HeelToe]

OEM Auto TSX Suspension

Sway Bars:
Progress Rear Sway Bar (stiff) [HeelToe]
Energy Prothane Rear Sway Bar Bushings [HeelToe]
Neuspeed Front Strut Brace (Dark Chrome) [HeelToe]
Anodized Purple OEM Strut Brace [aragrev7]

19x8 (+42) Axis Shadows [Local][/URL]
-Candy Purple starburst [Total Hardcore Customs]
235/35/19 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo [Discount Tire Direct]
3mm Hub- & Wheel-Centric Spacers [NovusTech]
Ichiba V1 10mm Spacers and Extended Studs [TSXclub]
Axis Hub & Center Caps [local]
Gorilla Shorty Lug Nuts [Local]

18” Steelies [Harmony Acura]
225/50/18 Bridgestone Blizzak [Local]
- Lift mode for Winnipeg Winter

RacingBrake Slotted Front Rotors [HeelToe]
Stoptech Rear Rotors [HeelToe]
RB500 pads [HeelToe]
Acura RDX Brake Caliper Dust Covers (Front/Rear) [Delray Acura]
Anodized Purple Brake Calipers [aragrev7]
Fastline Performance Steel Braided Brake Lines [HeelToe]


Tech Upgrades
07 Navigation Swap
Aux Video Switch - Front/Rear Cams, Aux Input
Mobile Device Mirroring on Navi Screen
Bluetooth OBDII + OBDII Data Display on Navi Screen
BlackVue DR500W-HD Dash Cam
GROM BT3 Bluetooth Audio Unit

FastLine Performance TL-S Switchblade Key
Custom Accord CM Remote Key [aragrev7]
2-Way LCD Viper Remote [Visions]
2-Way Smartphone Viper Module (Start/Entry/Status Notifications) [Visions]

Random Aesthetics:
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Centre Console/Trim [iJDMtoy]
Strut King Racing Pedals [Strut King]


RGB LED Illuminated Door Sills [aragrev7][SuperBrightLeds]
- Currently disconnected over winter.
White LED interior light swap [/url][SuperBrightLeds]

Sound System:

Rockford Amp powering Two 12" Infinity Perfects [Local]
- Sold


35% tint rear/back [TintMaster-Calgary]
5% eyebrow [TintMaster-Calgary]


A-spec Front/Rear Lip Kit [Curry Acura]
-Modified Garage Lip to fill raised section[Canadian Tire][aragrev7]
Type R Grille w/ TSX Emblem (3M CF Wrapped) [eBay][aragrev7][Mirror Image Auto]
-TSX Emblem Carbon Fiber Wrapped w/ Red Reflective Shadow
LOWPROaero Side Diffusers (3M CF Wrap) [LOWPROaero]
DevSport Winglets (3M CF Wrap) [DevSport]
EGR Hood Deflector [EGR USA]
Spoon Rep Spoiler [eBay]
HIC Rear Visor [HIC]
OEM Window Visors [Silverhill Acura]
Urban Camo Front Bumper [Local]
Urban Camo Side Skirts [Local]
Removes Deflectors

Body Aesthetics:
3M 1080 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Hood [Mirror Image Auto]
VVIVID Carbon Fiber Vinyl Roof [Vvivid Vinyl]
3M 1080 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Grille [Mirror Image Auto]
3M 1080 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Mirrors [aragrev7][Mirror Image Auto]
3M 1080 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Door Handles [aragrev7][Mirror Image Auto]
3M 1080 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Rear License Plate Frame [aragrev7][Mirror Image Auto]
3M 1080 Satin Black Vinyl Roof [Mirror Image Auto]

Fenders Rolled and Pulled [aragrev7][Four Function Auto]
Carbon Fibre Vinyl Window Trim [aragrev7]
Carbon Fiber Tucked Front License Plate [aragrev7]
Purple Anodized Front Bumper Vent Accents [aragrev7]
Blind Spot Mirror [Canadian Tire]


De-Badged Trunk [aragrev7]
Red LED Rear "A" Emblem [aragrev7][SuperBrightLeds]
-Carbon Fiber Wrapped [aragrev7][Mirror Image Auto]


OSRAM Xenarc CBB 7000K Low Beams [The Retrofit Source]
2 Purple LED Demon Eyes [aragrev7]
4 White LED Angel Eyes – Version 2 w/ 3M White Accent [aragrev7][SuperBrightLeds]
-Replaced 2 White LED Demon Eyes Version 1 [aragrev7][SuperBrightLeds]
Audi Style DRLs [SuperBrightLeds]
Violet LED parking lights (Reflector delete)[aragrev7][SuperBrightLeds]
-Reflector replaced with 3M Black-to-White Border Reflective Border & 3M White Reflective Accent Strips [aragrev7]
Black Satin Headlight Bezels [aragrev7]

Moromito Honda XB LED Fog Light Assembly [The Retrofit Source]
-Replaced 8000K HID Fog Kit [iJDMtoy]
-Replaced 3000K HID Fog lights [iJDMtoy]
-Replaced 6000K LED Fog Lights [iJDMtoy]
Independent "ON" function [aragrev7]
-turns on with OEM switch independent of low beams

Tail Lighting:
Removed** Custom Designed Complete LED Tail Light Setup (Tinted)[aragrev7][SuperBrightLeds][iJDMtoy]

"TSX" Stenciled High Mount Brake Light [aragrev7][SuperBrightLeds]
White LED license plate lights [SuperBrightLeds]
Red LED Rear Lower Reflectors [aragrev7][SuperBrightLeds]
Turn Signal/Hazard Relay Assembly LED Fix [Digikey][aragrev7]
Manual Reverse Light Tailgater Switch Install [aragrev7]

LED Effects:

Disabled Purple LED Door Handle Glow w/ White LED Puddle Light [SuperBrightLeds][aragrev7]

*Note* Anodized = Anodized Paint Effect

Scheduled Mods​

Scheduled Mods:
Completing MDX Jewel headlight with RGB demon eye & smartphone Bluetooth controller [The Retrofit Source]
Future Mods: - WTB!
Vehicle to be SOLD soon.
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Illuminated LED Door Sills - blue

I then decided to tackle another project that took several weeks to complete. Illuminated LED Door Sills It was quite the process as you can see in my DIY guide I made.
It's not even quite finished, but I don't think any will attempt it, or has, because no one asks lol. It required meticulous cutting, sanding, and hours of work because it all had to be slowly and carefully. (I used a dremel!) The final product turned out awesome.
Looks MUCH better in person.

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LED addiction - Custom LED Headlights V2

Being high on LEDs, I decided to redo my headlights. I created aragrev7's Custom LED headlights VERSION 2. With these I used SLB's LED halos with a refracting lens cover. I kept the Purple in bc I think it looks great at night. I also added in some white reflective accent strips later on, and replaced the white LED parking light with an amber one for safety certification purposes, then liked it.

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Hondata Reflash

It was actually a bit before this, that I had my ECU reflashed by Hondata! It made a big difference to me, and especially on an MT.
From Winnipeg to Cali and back in about 36 hours using HeelToe.
Injen CAI/SRI, Neuspeed Strut brace, Comptech RSB, Maven knob

Another big DIY for me, was the Injen CAI installation. Cousin helped with this as I was still newb to engine tampering, worried I'd kill it. I love that it converts SRI, except that you have to take the bumper off to do so. I usually switch with the seasons, but have noticed more low end power in SRI.
The Neuspeed strut brace was dipped in dark chrome by HeelToe and was a pain to get on without, I learned lowering the strut studs. I found it made a night/day difference for me.
Around this time I also threw on a Comptech RSB, which was also fantastic!
Marcus also dipped a Maven shift knob for me in dark chrome just to try it out. It was awesome!
Sorry for the bad pic.

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Type R Grille

I really liked the look of open grilles on cars, so I decided to see what I could find. I actually found this first sold as "Type R Grille". That was before I knew much about mugen (which it appears to rep) and how ridiculous their prices are. I was a big ebay user. All I wanted was the style really. Now I'm not the type to by this affordable grille and throw a Mugen badge on it, bc I didn't earn it lol. Plus I wanted something of my own. So I made my own style, relocating "tsx" emblem to the corner of my grille.
There's also an Acura Badge I put on the hood because I liked the look!

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LED Glow

Another itch to try out an LED project came about. I kept seeing gallery pics of LED projects on so I decided to try some out.
I added Blue LED puddle lights on the sills and then on the front bumper. Now, I didn't just stick LED accent on along the bottom. I actually thought out a practical design. I decided to mount the LED clusters through port holes, with clear polycarbonate type plastic windows to protect the LEDs. These are removable and can be replaced, so I wouldn't have to replace the LEDs from damage. Everything was sealed water tight with sealant.
I also added a Red LED glow to the engine bay which I ended up really liking.
The best part was deciding and figuring out how I would power the circuit. I ended up using a 3-way switch that adjusted from OFF, BATTERY (always on even without ignition), and Courtesy timer (On with door open/car unlock, and off on 30sec timer/ignition on).
It was a fun project, and everyone always comes to take a look. Unfortunately, I don't really use them anymore, and I think 2 bulbs are out.
I also added Blue LED door handle accents that run on the Courtesy light circuit as well.

Separate switch for underglow and engine bay

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Apexi WS2 (sound clip), CT-E SS Header, Progress RSB, Energy Prothane Bushings,

Meanwhile, back in the real world where TSXclub lives, I had begun getting some more (popular) parts. Time to install my Apexi WS2 exhaust, CT-E SS Header, Progress RSB with Energy Prothane bushings!
Road trip to my cousins' in Calgary to supervise my install lol. Ones a mechanic, the other's a journeyman welder.
Hover car:

Or jacked up:

Filipino Supervisor:


So on with the Apexi WS2 exhaust. But geeze does this hang low! The sway bar and header are under there somewhere.

Took a bunch of video clips and made a compilation sound clip for the Apexi Exhaust, Injen Cai, and CT-E SS Header:
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Test Painting engine bay - Anodized Blue, HID Fog kit.

A quick little paint of the easy parts. Spark and IM cover in Anodized Blue. Turned out very well!

Also, around this time I started playing with HID fog light kits. I tried out 6000K, 3000K, and am currently with 8000K.
Sorry no pics really. I know, useless.. lol. You can view these in later pics of other stuff.
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Spoon Rep Spoiler, NW mini meet, Knox mountain climb, AB cousins rep

Just a quick little meet with NWaccord forum members.

And quick climb up Knox mountain. Older pics before exhaust. Apparently around the time I added the spoon rep spoiler.

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Corsport Shifter Cable Bushings

Added in the Corsport Shifter Cable Bushings around here. They made for some pretty solid shifts!! Loved it.
Here they are lol - for sale :) Decided to try out some new bushings.
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Some sweet mods comin up! --> scrapie scrape
GREAT Build Thread man, LOVING THE BLUE PUDDLES and DOOR handles (Teach me Sensei LOL)
GREAT Build Thread man, LOVING THE BLUE PUDDLES and DOOR handles (Teach me Sensei LOL)
Haha it's really a love/hate thing for TSXclub. If you like this kinda thing, it's awesome haha. Let me know what you want to learn and I'll see what I can do.. Young grasshopper.

IPhone Autoguide
Great thread, I need one of those manual switch on reverse lights for those damn tailgaters in Los Angeles
Great thread, I need one of those manual switch on reverse lights for those damn tailgaters in Los Angeles
Sounds like it's popular, I will have to take pics and do a DiY if its not out. Bc of my road trip down to cali I will have this in next week sometime. That way I can signal overly pesky drivers.
It's useful, but it's not a toy. I don't want to panic anyone by leaving them on, or cause harm by running them off the road. It's just to tell them, "Hey, your front bumper is scuffing up my deck spoiler." Or turn your high beams off lol.

IPhone Autoguide
It's just to tell them, "Hey, your front bumper is scuffing up my deck spoiler." Or turn your high beams off lol.

Exactly. How do you tell someone behind you that their high beams are on otherwise? I tried pumping the brakes and using hand motions but never worked.
Not this far in the build yet, but just got my grill/hood CF wrapped, and roof in black satin! But pics in order!

IPhone Autoguide
HT Spec Form & Function V2 Type I, Ingalls Rear Camber, HIC Roof Spoiler, Skid Plate

Finally, I was able to get my hands on some new Form & Function Coilovers! The much awaited drop. Of course I needed to at least get myself something to adjust rear camber, so I included a set of Ingalls Rear Camber Arms (thanks Heeltoe GB!). And there happened to be a nice GB for the HIC Roof Spoiler, so I snagged that too. And because Kelowna has the largest speed bumps, steepest driveways, and most angled lot entrances, I added a skid plate along my exhaust (the lowest hanging part of the car - thanks Apexi).
First thing I installed, was the HIC Roof Spoiler.

On with the Form & Function Coilovers and Ingalls Camber Kit. The kit was the worst to put on. Everything was seized on and need to be cut out.

Skid plate to save the exhaust. Welded on, before I put high temp black VHT on.

Skid plate installed:

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Skid plate worked!

So on the ride back from the trip to Calgary, disaster. Part of the wonderful section (Revelstoke - Golden) had a smashed out section of road all the way across. Sank in at 60km/h and scraped everything up on the debris. Yay...
Squashed my jack point all up:

Scraped my skid, but the piping is safe!
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