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I recently broke my armrest console tab (the left one, close to the driver side) on my TSX.

Finally, I had some time today to work on replacing the tab. I took some pictures as I went along. The whole process took about 30 mins. Hopefully, the pictures (22 in all) themselves are self-explanatory. If not, or if you have questions, send me a PM. (Hope this helps others who also broke the tabs or are thinking about replacing them.)

Quick Notes:
  • I'm replacing both the left and the right tabs.
  • The left tab was extracted last week so the remnants of the broken pieces are not showing.
  • The replacement for the left tab doesn't have the narrow neck (was the point of fracture) like the old one. It's eliminated thus feels MUCH stronger.
  • The replacement for the right tab has slightly narrower neck than the old one. Thus, it feels a tad bit weaker. I used it anyway to solve the problem where the upper bin keeps falling down.
  • Took me a while to seperate the armrest console into 2 units (the 7th picture). The trick is sliding a wide flathead screw driver all the way down between the 2 units (the 8th picture) and push down on the black metal tab that preventing the unit from sliding out all the way.
  • The armrest console tabs are now working perfectly and the upper bin no longer falls down.

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man those things are fragile

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Great job, Whatcham!
You inspired me to actually think of trying this myself.

I see that even though you say you had a little trouble, it still took you only a half hour.

And of course you're an unusually skillful dude. :nod:

How do you think us average Joe's would do? Do you think we're likely to do OK?
I don't mean might it take more than a half hour -- I mean, do you think just about anybody would be able to manage?
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