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TV ads would like us to believe that the new Acura TSX is the car for the upwardly mobile. We’re shown a world where TSX drivers hit the clubs with cocktail-dress-clad models after a hard day of buying and selling dot-com startups.

However, to the world outside of North America, this second-generation TSX is just an Accord -- Honda badge and all. We’re not knocking the car; it really is quite good and has all the modern amenities we like in our luxury sports sedans. However, we still can’t wrap our heads around the fact that Acura is asking $33,000 for a car that is essentially a 4-cylinder Honda sedan.

Yet, if the rest of the world is fine with paying a slight premium for this luxury laden, sport-tuned ride, why aren't we?

A measure of this car's ride and power, relative to its price score: 65​

Resting behind the Acura’s massive shield is a 2.4-liter, 201-horsepower inline four engine which, in our test car, was mated to a slick-shifting 6-speed manual transmission. Like most Honda motors, the TSX’s power plant is a torque-less wonder, and you need to rev the snot out of it to get it going. Drivers used to the lazy shove of a V6 or V8 will be disappointed with the motor, but the TSX still manages to feel zippy. Of course, with Acura’s recent announcement of a V6 option for the 2010 TSX, we expect to see this four-banger fall out of favor with future Acura buyers.

Due to the TSX’s front-wheel drive configuration, the car does exhibit a bit of torque steer -- especially under “spirited” acceleration. But the overall package is solid: the TSX’s steering is excellent, and its double wishbone front/multi-link rear suspension do an admirable job of absorbing any and all bumps, while still managing to deliver fairly dynamic handling.

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A measure of this car's aesthetic appeal, relative to its price score: 55​

The 2009 TSX is a handsome sedan whose visual appeal is brought down a notch by the bucktoothed silver Acura grille. Pick up a TSX in any color but silver and this snout really clashes with the rest of the car. However, the rest of the car is great: It’s a classic wedge-shaped sedan with just enough creases on the body to add some edge (pun not intended) to the design.

The cabin of the TSX isn’t as bold as its exterior, but it is a nice place to be. We’re surprised by just how comfortable the TSX’s leather-wrapped front buckets are. And they offer a surprisingly good amount of lateral support too. The leather-wrapped touch points -- such as the steering wheel and door panels -- add just the right amount of luxury, but the last-generation navigation system, dash plastics and shift knob expose the car’s humble Honda roots. With all the car gadgets one could ask for -- including a 10-speaker audio, AcuraLink satellite communication system, back-up camera, Bluetooth, power everything, and more -- we think we can overlook the Civic Si shift knob.


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Do you know how much they pay for this "4 cyl Accord"? Check out uk honda website and compare. At least $40K for a similar equipped car.
Partly because of the slide in the dollar's value, and also because of VAT, prices are much higher in Europe for all cars. By world standards, cars are cheap in the US right now.
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