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Okay, this is gonna sound stupid, but hear me out..

I am about to get out of the military, and I'll be living at home while I'm going to school. The income I'll have from work and the allowance for housing from my GI Bill will bump my saving nicely, and if I take my drinking habits down, I would be well set to do this.. I would just need some help, as I am more of an engineer, not a mechanic.

If I wanted to part out another car for the awd, what should I look for? Should I grab the trans as well if I can find a manual, or just get a tsx MT?

As of right now, it's probably going to be a garage build unless I can make some friends with some people that run a shop. If anyone knows a place around Jacksonville, FL that will rent out a bay with a lift, that would also be appreciated, and if you wanna help, I would also pay you and provide beer!

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!
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