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Hey guys, first off glad to be here picked up my 04 tsx a year ago and just been working on maintenance items for the first year and of course procrastinating.

Finally getting into working on the sounds system. I disconnected the previous owners set up since it looked like crap and a fire hazard waiting to happen. You can see the pics below.

I'd like to continue off the set up her has plus/minus equipment but I am looking for recommendations on how to continue.

I'm looking to upgrade my speakers and of course hook up the subs. I'm a newbie when it comes to audio. I am going to list the equipment I have:

Android head unit (I installed, the rest is what came with the car)

Kenwood KAC 9104D amp

2 12 inch Kicker L5 subs

Crunch PD4000.4 amp

Audio pipe XV-3XP 3 way crossover

I know just like any forum there is going to be crap talk but please give some input if you are. There's nothing wrong with some one asking for guidance.

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