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MARYSVILLE, Ohio - Honda will stop making the Acura CL sports coupe, its first car fully designed and produced in the United States, because of slumping sales.

The Acura CL, introduced in 1996, is made only in this central Ohio city. Production will end this summer.

Overall production levels and employment, which is now at 5,800 workers, won't be affected, the Japanese automaker said on Monday.

Honda spokesman Ron Lietzke said production of Accord sedans, Accord coupes or Acura TL sedans will be increased. Honda has been making about 1,000 Acura CLs a month at the plant, which represents 2 percent of total production.

The Acura CL, redesigned for the 2001 model year, started strong, but sales dropped in recent years, Acura spokesman Mike Spencer said. Sales fell 36 percent to 12,072 last year.

Sales this year were off 36 percent through the end of April, despite the fact that Honda offered a new Type-S CL for 2003 with a six-speed manual transmission that enthusiasts requested.

Honda didn't believe it was worth the cost to redevelop the CL to make it more popular, Spencer said.

"It's a very fickle market, and it's too high a penalty to pay in development costs for the sales volume," he said.

Acura has no plans to make another sports coupe, Spencer said.

Acura, Honda's upscale division, also produces the MDX sport-utility vehicle, RSX sports coupe and RL luxury sedan.


Information from: The Columbus Dispatch

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it's funny I see more cl's then rl's or tl's

but i like them less..
i won't miss the cl much
but it leaves a huge gap in thier line up of a full sized luxery coupe...

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The CL has definitely missed the mark. My local Acura store had about 20 of them on the lot when I went to drive the TSX. The front end is so boring and looks 5 years old already.
Good riddance.
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