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Hello All,

I ended up order my TSX from the factory - red & black w/Nav, woo hoo!

I was curious what the average turnaround is to receving the vehicle. My dealer said it's 60-90 days.

I'm interested in other people's experiences, especially if they live in TX (as do I)



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It has varied a lot, from a low of zero (if it's in stock) :D to a few days (if it's on the way or if they can get it from another dealer) to a few months!!!
(I think we've heard up to about 5 months, although fortunately that's rare.)

And it depends a lot on where you are, plus what's the story at the moment for the exact combo you're ordering.

I think in most places 1-2 months would be about average now, but that's just a rough impression. I can imagine that what your dealer said might be exactly right for your region, although it does sound on the high side.

P.S. We're not really talking about "manufacture," because it's not like they make each car to order. It's more like, how long before your exact combo becomes available.

3 months minimum, but it could get close to 4 depending on when the dealer placed their last order. I think they only do it once a month or so. Remember the TSX only comes all the way from Japan, not Indiana like the TL. I got tired of waiting. I too wanted a Red with Ebony and Manual and there were only 3 in the whole country. One was a demo model in Texas so I bought a one way ticket to Jacksonville Florida and drove it back to San Diego. I had a nice drive down except for a few chips from trucks on the road. Waiting sucks! By the time you get your 2005, the 2006 models will be out and you'll hate yourself. They will probably fix all the damn bugs in the current TSX and add a VTEC 6 Cylinder that makes 300 HP and you'll just be receiving your O5. Also, interest rates are going up. By the time you get your 05 in 3 or 4 months, you will end up paying .5-1.0% higher interest on the loan. When I was looking for my Red/Black manual, I accidentally got a printout of Red/Black autos from a guy in North Carolina and there were a few Red/Black autos in Georgia and one in the Eastern Seaboard somewhere. By the way, Red/Black is nice. If you put the Carbon Gray next to the Red, the Carbon Gray fits the car better as the chrome doesn't stand out as much but the minute you drive it off the lot, the Carbon Gray blends in....the red is hot and really stands out. You can't go wrong with CG or Silver but the fact is, they are the most popular=common colors out there. Not many reds. If you get one of those with black, congrats. Here is a picture of mine.

Good luck.


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Thanx and Crossing My Fingers

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback, especially yours Ignacio. I have no qualms about picking up the 05 (and not the 06) because of a couple reasons (entirely personal)

1) I totalled my car a few weeks ago (thankfully no one was hurt and it wasn't my fault), and I have a loaner thru July 24th. By then, I'll need a car.

2) A large factor on my car was price, and I don't know if I could have afforded an 06 with the same specifications.

3) Red Black - woo hoo do I agree. I saw a R/B auto and was amazed on how much it stood out on the lot. I'm surprised is such a low run color.

4) The extra .5 - 1% point won't impact me dramatically since I hope to pay off the car in the first 2 years anyway (thank u settlement check).

I'll call my dealer and verify when they send in their orders. Hearing you guys describe the process makes me wonder how many other people are already lined up for the exact same car. If they keep producing them according to the current ratio of colors and mods that could spell a long wait for me.

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