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Average Manufacture & Delivery Time

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Hello All,

I ended up order my TSX from the factory - red & black w/Nav, woo hoo!

I was curious what the average turnaround is to receving the vehicle. My dealer said it's 60-90 days.

I'm interested in other people's experiences, especially if they live in TX (as do I)


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It has varied a lot, from a low of zero (if it's in stock) :D to a few days (if it's on the way or if they can get it from another dealer) to a few months!!!
(I think we've heard up to about 5 months, although fortunately that's rare.)

And it depends a lot on where you are, plus what's the story at the moment for the exact combo you're ordering.

I think in most places 1-2 months would be about average now, but that's just a rough impression. I can imagine that what your dealer said might be exactly right for your region, although it does sound on the high side.

P.S. We're not really talking about "manufacture," because it's not like they make each car to order. It's more like, how long before your exact combo becomes available.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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