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Average Manufacture & Delivery Time

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Hello All,

I ended up order my TSX from the factory - red & black w/Nav, woo hoo!

I was curious what the average turnaround is to receving the vehicle. My dealer said it's 60-90 days.

I'm interested in other people's experiences, especially if they live in TX (as do I)


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Thanx and Crossing My Fingers

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback, especially yours Ignacio. I have no qualms about picking up the 05 (and not the 06) because of a couple reasons (entirely personal)

1) I totalled my car a few weeks ago (thankfully no one was hurt and it wasn't my fault), and I have a loaner thru July 24th. By then, I'll need a car.

2) A large factor on my car was price, and I don't know if I could have afforded an 06 with the same specifications.

3) Red Black - woo hoo do I agree. I saw a R/B auto and was amazed on how much it stood out on the lot. I'm surprised is such a low run color.

4) The extra .5 - 1% point won't impact me dramatically since I hope to pay off the car in the first 2 years anyway (thank u settlement check).

I'll call my dealer and verify when they send in their orders. Hearing you guys describe the process makes me wonder how many other people are already lined up for the exact same car. If they keep producing them according to the current ratio of colors and mods that could spell a long wait for me.

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