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I have an 08 M/T tsx. I’m not new to this axle issue as I’ve replaced about ~12 on this car, but it’s getting too annoying. Since going even lower than I was before this year, I’ve only used new aftermarket axles from auto zone/advanced auto parts and let’s say they only last a month before it’s time to change again. I’ve seen the about the “fix” to the issue by heeltoe with the inner joint rebuild kit, but I’m wondering how long it lasts? Does anyone know about or if axle spacers for these cars exist that help the situation? Or any reputable engine raise kits that can help with the bind? I already know aftermarket axles don’t fix the vibrations, instead make it worse, probably because of the missing abs ring I’ve heard. Oem used axles have lasted me the longest but even then don’t last too long and now cost the same as brand new aftermarket ones. I’m adding pictures of my tsx as example of how low it is, Ik there is people out there lower and static at that. I’m also adding a picture of the passenger side axle where the problem resides. If it isn’t the boot that breaks (eventually leaking all the grease), then it’s destroying itself from the inside. So in the end I’m looking for solutions to not keep replacing axles because of insane vibrations. I don’t mind the small vibrations as of rn since it’s not like I can race this with the stance. I also heard of a recommendation about trying a 09 civic si passenger axle? Not sure if it’s even compatible
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