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Axle's replaced but still shakes

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I have an issue as the title says. I just replaced my axle 2 days ago and when I installed them and test drove the vibration from 50 - 65ish is still there. Right now I want the vibrations to stop but I have no clue what is the cause of it now. Can someone shed some light on this?
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Balance your wheels?
I recently got new rims and tires about 3 months ago so I wouldn't think this would be the cause but i'll have a check on my next rotation.

Balanced tires/wheels?
also check all your bushings from your upper A-arm to the lower one, all the rubber bushings.
I was also assuming it could be the bushings or bearings. I will need to look into this more. Thanks for the info.

you're not the first to have this happen... much like many others, i have been following all the axle threads closely.

did you go with OEM? you'd be the second instance of new OEMs still having the 'wobbles' from what i can remember. i'm getting closer to doing Marcus' fix!
I actually have after market ones. TBH these are my 4th set of axle that i have replaced due to the shaking. It's only this time that the shaking is still there when i swapped out the axles.
Also marcus fix is also looking like an option due to how frequently I swap out my axles. I just need more assurance that when I do purchase it, it will be fixed for a LONG time.

I replaced my intermediate shaft bearing and the 55mph shake is gone. I need axle joints next for the 20-25mph shimmy

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This does sound good. I will look into doing this. Do you have more info on how you replaced the shaft bearing? a DIY perhaps?
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