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My 2005 AT has 133k miles, bought the car 9 months ago and love it. Now, I cannot tolerate the vibrations -I get some around 30mph and then from 58-80Mph the car gives me a massage. It's not strong but it is noticeable to me. Once I pass the 80Mph barrier, the vibration is not felt anymore- but I can hear a humm.:squint:

I suppose that this has to do with the axles. Now, if the car had less miles, I would no doubt buy the kit that Heel toe sells, but since the axles are older, I am afraid that replacing the inner CV joints would be a waste of money. In brief, anybody correct me if I am wrong, I think the wisest thing to do is to replace both axles.

Does anybody know where to buy them for a good price? I am looking at the OEM Honda ones, that are very expensive (around 500 bucks a piece (f)(l)(a)() Does anybody have aftermarket ones that work well? -I noticed that Empi or Cardone cost 50 bucks. Anybody tried them??

In second place, my transmission works almost flawless, it shifts gears perfect, but it makes a whine -quite annoying noise since I turn on the car. I am going to take it to a transmission shop and see what they say, but I am inclined to believe that the Torque Coverter is bad.
Anybody knows how much that could be?? -parts and labor-.

One last item. I heard some people that have 200k or more in their TSX's and no tranny problems at all. Would it be safe to purchase a used tranny? I can get one for cheap, and it seems like labor to install it could be around 500 bucks.

Any sugestions are welcome. I am a family man and can't shell out thousands to just rebulid the transmission and also, want to keep it OEM. Thanks in advance for the replies! It's a dilemma for me right now.
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