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Having trouble finding the issue.
2010 TSX 2.4 4cyl
Rough idle and will sometimes sputter out
Check emission system light
Only having issues at idle
All misfiring stops when given gas.
Check VSA system will come on periodically.
P0300 Random misfire
P0301 Misfire cyl 1
P0302 misfire cyl 2
P0303 misfire cyl 3
P0304 misfire cyl 4
P1009variable valve timing control (vtc) advance malfunction
P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Range/Performance

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all codes were a result of the VTC P1009 code.
swapped out the VTC actuator
issue has been solved.
Had the same exact Issue on my 2011 tsx 2.4, took it too the dealer , they said it could be a number of things and gave a ridiculous figure , took it to my friend's mechanic, who suggested swapping out the VTC actuator as well . Did this yesterday, hopefully this has resolved the issue.
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