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Battery icon flashes randomly while driving..

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Noticed on my 2006 this orange battery icon flashes briefly on the MID accompanied by a short beep sound.. It flashes so fast that I cannot see it clearly enough but looking in the manual indicates this icon means there's a problem charging the battery? Do you think my alternator is on it's way out? The battery is brand new and I checked all cables/wiring and everything is tight.

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Yes charging system. Either the battery, alternator, or a ground wire is bad, not much else to it.

If the alternator dies you'll have about 30 seconds of driving time before the battery is drained.

On my old Acura Legend I had the alternator die on me on the highway. The battery light came on, all the lights blinked, then everything went dark, got a few beeps, then the engine died, while at 70mph.
Pretty scary trying to compress the brakes with no power. Don't let this issue sit.
in june i was driving and my battery light came on for like 1 minute tops and then went out. and about 2 weeks ago it flashed again for a brief second. Im not sure whats up with it but its always been a quick flash and nothing has dimmed or died so im not worried yet.
Im going to have Honda look into it when I get the oil changed.
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