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Battery Terminal Upgrade ???

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So i am in the middle of putting together a system part by part , got the subs , amps , wires etc etc , aftermarket head unit already installed , i was browsing around for some wire terminals and i came across these "Battery Terminals" my question is , do i have to cut off my stock battery terminals and connect the wire to these ? or is there a way to do it without destroying the OEM terminals and wires ???? any info greatly appreciated


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I've had to always cut them off.... Which terminal is that?
I just got the jl ones
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Cut them off. use a razor if you have one around to cut back the sheathing.

It looks like KnuKoncepts terminals.
It is the KnuKonceptz battery terminal and it had the wire terminal screw onto it , all my wiring is from KnuKonceptz , really good quality stuff I must admit , I'm still debating between plain battery terminals or some fancy ass digital display ones , can't make up my mind :p

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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