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This question is for all the TSX I.C.E guru's , i am trying to find the best spot to run a 4 Gauge power wire from the engine bay through the firewall into the cabin , what would be the best spot for this penetration ??? i would love to do it without drilling through the firewall , is this possible ??? the cable is pretty damn thick and so far i havent been able to locate any spots on the firewall that would fit it , am i missing something ??? thanks



started digging around as i didnt want to drill the firewall and i didnt want to go through the rubber boots on the wire harness on either side due to the fact that the wire is pretty thick and i didnt want to risk tearing or damaging the boot , i found a little round plastic cap under the driver side wire harnes boot and poked at at to see what it is and it ended up falling into the cabin , now its stuck there behind the firewall and the padding on the opposite side , i cant get the damn thing out but at least i got a hole hole for running the 4 gauge wire :D , just got to pick up a rubber sleeved grommet to protect the cable and to seal the hole from the elements . i couldnt get a pic of the location but i found this photo online of a TSX with no motor in it , if you see where the passenger side wire harness and the rubber boot are ( its almost dead center ) right under it theres a little round black dot , thats the perfect spot to run the power wire ( well at least for me it is )

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