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Best way to deepen sound in Acura TSX? HELP

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i recently got a 2008 tsx as my first car and i want to deepen the sound of the exhaust but since it isn't technically mine i can't put whatever upgrades i want.

i have looked at performance mufflers (especially flow master) and performance resonator upgrade but i have no idea where to go.

looking around a few hundred bucks max, no $1000 new exhaust systems

so my question is what is the best way to deepen the sound of my 4 cylinder tsx without making it much louder.
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First thing I did personally was follow this guide to make a cheap and easy ram air intake. Granted, ram air intakes aren't going to give you much more than a better sound but if that is all you are looking for I doubt you will be disappointed by the results of this guide

Do It Yourself DIY Acura TSX Short Ram Intake Cold Air Induction
If I were you I would just buy some nice mufflers like magnaflow, maybe a nice resonator like vibrant, and bring it to an exhaust shop.
You did that for under $1000?
Most mufflers with the stock resonator have a nice deep sound. Change the resonator and it usually gets louder with better flow. I love magnaflow and they last very long. With bigger exhaust piping and a more free flowing resonator it gets raspy.
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