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Hey guys,

I was cleaning my garage this weekend and found these brand new mats for my 2012 TSX. This is a complete set--two in the front and two in the back.

The night I took delivery of the car, I bought a set of rubber floor mats from the parts department and these went directly into a Rubbermaid storage bin when I got home. I completely forgot that I had them.

I chose to leave them in their packaging rather than take them out and take pictures of them. I figured most of us probably already know what they look like and, I know if I were buying them, I'd prefer them to be sealed :)

Of course, these would be great for a black interior...but my buddy has a black set in his 2011 with parchment interior and it's an awesome contrast.

I'm asking $70 plus shipping.


<a href="[email protected]/8525651563/" title="TSX mat set by mark77car, on Flickr"><img src="" width="439" height="640" alt="TSX mat set"></a>
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