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Blacked Out Windows Trim with Blackout tape w/Pics

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Ok so I went ahead and bought one roll of the black out tape. Unfortunatly it only covers one side of the car with one roll. So I was able to take pictures of one side and other as a comparison.

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oh wow i never even thought about doing that but i like the look alot
nice job!
I like the look, what kind of tape is that, how is it applied, and what are the chances of it peeling off?
actually, it would look sick on a black TSX, with tints.
now thats blacked out.!!
lol, Ive done that about a Dozen times myself lol, really nice job and clean... as long as ur using that tape bud do what I told ya about the radio...belive it or not it looks perfect...
Damn Colt, thats some good improvisation, my best friend in highschool used to have a T-bird Turbo coupe. It had that nasty red stripe along the molding and he did the same as you. Nice job!
Nice and clean........first i didn't know what the hell it was you were talking get sume DARK LIMO TINTS!!
what kind of tape is that, and where can u get it. also how much. is it hard to do?
looks like a nice clean job :thumbsup:
did you do the taping W/O taking any pieces off ?

you almost there hehe...
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that looks sweet on the Milano Red... but... I like how the chrome looks on my CG. Especially from my 8th floor office.
hell yea man... the chrome stands out on the CG... i agree lol... makes me wanna get chrome rims more then gunmetal now =)
Hey that looks it a more sportier look!, Good Job...I might be making a tape investment hehehe :thumbsup:
Looks good! I like it! Tints would look good now!
yeah, so what kinda tape was used?
The tape is made by a company called trim bright. the tape is called black out tape
where can u get this tape? is it hard to do? any info on this cuz i would like to do this on mine. thanx
i believe you can get this tape at pep boys and stuff. I have bought this tape a long time ago when i had my integra when i had to cover a peice of window trim since chrome was exposing and it worked great.
05tsx said:
where can u get this tape? is it hard to do? any info on this cuz i would like to do this on mine. thanx
you can get it at advanced auto part, that is where i got mine. it kind of hard to do without getting air bubbles. once you do one of them you will get the hang of it. you will need a razor blade and two roles of the tape.
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