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Blackstone labs Oil Analysis

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An all inclusive thread to post your used oil analysis for all TSXs.
Specify your year, make, mileage (mi/km), oil and filter type and brand as well as what kind of driving style your TSX saw during that time.
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2005 TSX MT
Honda/Acura genuine motor oil (conventional) 5W30
Honda genuine oil filter
About 6000km on the oil.

This oil saw some summer time commuter traffic,mixed highway and stop and go as well as few HPDE track days during the summer and was sitting in the garage during the winter month. Changed it 2k early because of that.
Blackstone commentary mentions a little extra on the iron, lead (bearings) and aluminum (pistons) due to track use and mentions the lower viscosity as harmless and with enough TBN to run the remaining 2k. The oil is packed with good protective additives (zinc, phosphorous) and lots of cleaning power (calcium) and lots of moly.


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Wish we had more collaboration on this topic, I'll be sharing mine here in a few months
Few other threads that I dug up with UOA reports:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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