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Blackstone Oil Analysis - 10,000 miles on Honda Genuine Full Synthetic 5w30

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This analysis was done shortly after reaching 10,000 miles on the oil, or 10 months. It was last changed at 50,000 in February and changed recently in December. Total mileage on the car is about 60,500 miles. No oil was added during this period as I wasn't losing any during my routine checks. The oil filter used was the TSX Purolator PureOne.

As you can see from the results, the oil has plenty of life left in it with Blackstone recommending 12,000 miles next time and checking that. At my current rate, that would push me to full year intervals. My only concern is of course the bearing wear, though that isn't attributed to the oil itself.

This December when I changed the oil I again used this oil, only this time I used the NAPA Platinum oil filter designed for synthetic oil. I'll change it out at 12,000 and post my results at that time.
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I'll be sending out my oil for analysis once im due for a change. Im eager to see the results.
I've seen a few blackstone oil reports for k series motors.. I never understood the vast fluctuations in lead content. Since I drive all highway, I wonder if my lead content will differ..
Conventional oil will net you 3-5k miles between changes, synthetic can go 8-12k.
the MID uses a simple algorithm, the interval is usually around 4-5k miles
If you use synthetic, its most definitely a waste to change every 5k miles. The MID for the TSX uses an algorithm thats good for conventional oil intervals. I usually just count the miles and replace my oil every 10-11k.

I'm going to be sending my oil out for analysis to see how what the Pennzoil Platinum 10w30 + OEM filter is doing for me.
^ That may be true for conventional oil, but synthetic has been repeatedly proven to last 10k miles or more depending on driving conditions. For someone like myself who drives 500 miles a week for work, its more cost effective to use synthetic since I pile on the miles in my TSX.

I was religious about changing my oil in my old h22a accord. every 3-4000 miles with 10w40 conventional. I did drive it spiritedly and was very concerned with the life of the motor.
For older motors, I wouldnt ever consider running synthetic since the motor has been operated on conventional for the vast majority of its life.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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