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Blown shocks - sensible replacement?

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Car: 2005 Acura TSX

Just blown out my front struts over a car-eating pothole last week . . . Angry.png
I plan on replacing all four struts-shocks but want to keep the OEM springs and ride height. However, I wouldn't mind trading a bit more handling for comfort. I am getting RSB too but no track days for this baby (have an old Integra for the hooligan stuff Laugh.png). And budget is a bit tight so coil-over setups are out. Recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any first hand knowledge.
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front oem shocks: i have one bad front shock & one good front shock. the bad one I threw it to the garbage bin & the good one still sitting in my storage.

i'm not going to ship it, but i can sell it for just $50. the only way that anyone can get this shock is to plan on traveling to Vancouver BC Canada.

Cash & your phone number required, as well as your name, time & date for pickup. Please either post in reply or PM.
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