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Body Kit Gallery
1st Gen Acura TSX / Honda Accord Euro

Limit: 3 pictures per kit

Anything more than 3 pictures, or comments from users without pictures, will be removed to keep topic uniformity.

Please name/describe the kit in your post.​

All those who contribute get REP POINTS !!!


The below is a compiled list of some body kits. Its name is a link that takes you to the thread or website with more pictures.

04-05 USDM Bodykit (NBP)
04-05 USDM Bodykit (ABP)

04-05 JDM (EuroR) Bodykit

06-08 USDM Bodykit

06-08 JDM (EuroR) Bodykit

Kenstyle Bodykit

04-05 Vizage Bodykit

04-05 Mugen Bodykit (full front)

04-05 Mugen Bodykit (lip front)

06-08 Mugen Bodykit (lip front)

06-08 Mugen Bodykit (full front)

Spoon/Phase Bumper

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04-05 mugen bodykit full bumper replacement

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Awesome thread.

Here are pics of the OEM 06-07 Kit in NBP - I hope they are helpful.

1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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