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I am impatiently awaiting my Ronjon rims but i have ahd other goodies come on time.

I weighed out the rubber ill be putting on my 19x7.5. the rubber for my bros new rims on his WRX and his new rims.

235/40/19 (may not be exact) Falekn SP115(may not be right either):
26lbs of rubber.

225/**/18 Falken, some other style than mine:
25lbs of rubber.

18x7.5 PIAA Sportmesh Hyperblacks:
24lbs of metal.

I'll wiegh the Ronjon when they come, and my bros stock tire setup just for fun. I'm guessing my rims will be 25ish lbs as well.

And tomorrow im gonna mount the PIAAs on the WRX, so ill take some pictures, i know that BigH is selling a set of the exact ones for a cheaper price than i just paid. So that should be helpful.

And ill take pics of the Ronjons, which will take maybe a year (or a week), since these guys are dragging their feet in canada. not RJ himself.

TSX Cman
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