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Brake issue going on NEED ADVICE!!!

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Hey peeps, So I hit a pothole a few weeks ago and finally got all my parts in. I hit the hole so hard that my stock rim completly broke and was only left with the star held on with the lugs. The damage amounted to a bent control arm, broken lower ball joint, bent upper arm, broken axel, broken rotor, and rim. I have changed the lower control arm, upper arm, axel, and entire spindle. Upon doing the swap, I could not get the ABS speed sensor out of the old spindle because ofcourse it was corroded. I have been doin some reading and trying to see if anyone has any similar issues and have found nothing.

The issue: I currently am waiting on the abs speed sensor to arrive but once i have had everything back together. I took the car to the gas station to add air to my donut. I have the VSA ABS and (!) light on and i understand they would be on because there is no sensor in the passenger spindle. THIS WAS ALL ON THE PASSENGER SIDE BTW. What baffles me right now is the fact that, THE BRAKE PEDAL IS SUPPPPERRR SPONGY. Like almost to the floor. I have a new rotor on there and there was no breakage to my brake line. There was no air introduced to the system (that i know of) aka no bleeders opened or anything of the sort.

Is my brake pedal supppper spongy bc the sensor is missing and the brakes arent proportioning properly??? Since the car was sitting the rain has oxidized my rotors and after coming back from the gas station all of my rotors oxidation has disappeared except on the passenger side the inner portion of the rotors surface (not the back side) basically looking at the face of the rotor the part closest to the lugs is cleared up and the outer part is still rusted like no contact was made?? Im thinking there isnt enough proportioning going on.

Should i be looking into the caliper messing up? or do you guys think its just not proportioning due to there being no sensor in tht spindle?? Do you guys think i have another issue going on here that needs to be addressed? Maybe the glide(slide) pins need to be checked??

When i got into the "accident", there was nothing visually wrong with the caliper. Break pads looked fine when i was putting it back together. I have slotted cross drilled on the car and replaced that one that broke with the stock one that i had saved until i can buy a fresh new set for the front. (money is tight now)

Any advice as to why my pedal is spongy would be helpful. like i said there was no cuts leaks or anything from the line. And no air introduced to the system that i know of.
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You answered your question yourself brave man; your caliper is probably bent and the piston seal is probably ripped off or got some air in. You had a very bad luck. My friend is running without one fron ABS sensor for a year now, his brakes are just fine (appart the ABS & VSA). I would check the fluid level try to bleed them just to see but, if they are not wearing the rotor equally I would find a replacement.
Would there be anyway to tell if the caliper is bent?? I will def check the fluid and when i was putting the car back together, i didnt see any rip on the piston seal. I will def take your advice and try to bleed.

I hope i dont need to buy a caliper now too!!
Thanks for taking the time to read all of that also.
If it is slightly bent, you may not see it, take measurements maybe? Maybe you are lucky and it is only the support bracket. Il would try to hit junkyards to see if there are Accords or TLs there, they have the same front brakes if i am not mistaken. Buying a used one to see if it corrects the problem first will cost you less in the end.
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