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1) Changing rotors and pads won't affect fitment of rims. The brake caliper mount location doesn't change if you are going with OEM rotor sizing. BBK is where you have to start getting concerned. If your 16's fit now, changing out rotors shouldn't affect it.

2) What are your driving style/needs?

OEM or OEM-like is sufficient for the 99%er's. I would just get a premium blank rotor from any auto parts store and pair it up with EBC/Stoptech/Hawk pads. Change out the brake fluid while you're at it too.

Or any auto parts supplier online sells brake packages. Just read the reviews. Brakes are truly one of those "you get what you pay for" deals, and your life depends on brakes + tires packaging so I wouldn't cheap out.

If you have any friends or family on this side of the border, now is the time to pay them a visit and grab parts.
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