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Brakes and rotors for TSX,06

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I, just got my tsx,06,navi,automatic, and i need to change the brakes ASAP (rotors and pads) any recommendations on upgrading from factory brakes???
I was thinking and slotted rotors, good pads and paint my calipers and get it all done ones since im stating the project on the car

by the way any recommendations on where are the tsx only good mechanics in queens ny area
, im also looking to get suspensions and A-spec grown effect kit later (please hell me hook up my car lol sorry im new to this car
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I ordered the HT Spec Stage 1 package from Heel Toe Auto, with the rear rotors. My OEM front rotors have hotspots and my rear disks only have 6% left on them. Figured I'd spend a bit more over stock initially (also get steel braided brake lines) and have the rotors last years more. Waiting for them to be shipped with the ET500 pads, so dont have real use with them yet. Next year i plan on getting the caliper kit on the front that compliments this kit.
There is a guy on the forums selling new slotted racingbrake front rotors discounted. I'd pair them with et500s
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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