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Brand new clear bumper reflectors

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I bought these long time ago...never used them

04 08 Acura TSX Euro Accord CL7 CL9 Clear Rear Bumper Reflector Lights | eBay

If anyone wants to trade me your used red reflectors plus pay me $20 they are yours! If you were to buy new it would cost you $25 + $20 shipping to Canada from that ebay seller.

I can't sell them outright as I need to put either these or another set of reflectors back on my car.

PM me if interested...
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I guess there is no interest...going on the car next week if there is no takers so if you are on the fence please contact me ASAP.
I'll take 'em...

check your PM
Awesome Julius!

I will text you to arrange the trade...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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