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broken foglight lense help!!!!

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Where can I get fog light lense? Are the 04-05 same shape as the 06-08?
Help me please!!! Thanks
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First place I would look is Curryacuraparts. If they don't sell just lens, get a new fog light housing or an after make one on eBay or local shops.

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Lexan lens FTW!
where can I get em for04-06??? I only see em for 06-08
one of my lens cracked. i replaced it with lexan. cost me about 10 bucks or so and 1 hour. haha
Where can I get lexan fRom for my 04 tsx?
I'm also wondering about the lexan lens. How do I get it for my 04? Mine cracked as well...
my $25 lexan replacements from ebay are coming in this week I'll keep yall updated
Search the rsx forum. I bought a set from a member there. He lives near Sacramento, Ca and we met up about 2 years ago. Don't know if he still makes but you can always make your own.
Where can I get fog light lense?
You can make your own by going to the home improvement store, buying a piece of lexan, and cutting it to be the same shape as your current fog light; or you can buy a ebay replacement set of foglights; or you can buy a new foglight from a dealership
Are the 04-05 same shape as the 06-08?

Help me please!!!

Youre welcome.
What did you end up doing tsx805? I'm in need of lenses too.
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