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BrutalPineapple's 2007 DGP TSX Build Thread

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Hello everyone. Finally decided to make a build thread. I'm a very proud owner of a 2007 Deep Green Pearl TSX AT. I've had the car for about 2 months now and I love it. I still miss my 97 Integra LS though. Just taking care of all the maintenance right now before I start doing mods. I am pretty religious when it comes to maintenance and quality parts. I'm from SoCal so if you're near me let's meet up and stare at our TSX's! Here's some pictures, it is extremely hard to capture the color of the car btw.

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So I replaced my spark plugs today. The old one in the picture is actually the better looking one lol the others were way worse. Don't really notice a difference but I'm sure it's there. I only pump Shell 91 gas btw. Who knows what the previous guy pumped.

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Did the first oil change on the TSX finally last week. Like most cars (especially Honda/Acura) I know Mobil 1 is highly recommended. BUT I got better results using Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic w/ Titanium (gold bottle). It's what I ran in my 97 integra. And it kept my engine 18 degrees cooler than Mobil 1 Extended Performance did. I always get the Castrol when it's on rollback at walmart for about $23. This is my first time using a Puralator oil filter. Read great reviews on them and decided to get the synthetic filter since I commute for work and want to stretch my oil changed as far as I can. Picked up a set of Skunk 2 magnetic drain plugs. 1 for oil the other for the tranny. I used PWJDM plugs before but didn't like them. I'm very impressed with the Skunk2. Look great and very strong magnetic. Not to mention their washers are pretty sweet lol. In the pic below you'll see my oil plug easily hold a hammer. Also a pic of the firestone filter I had fun with trying to get off cause they didnt put any oil on the seal. The seal of the filter was bone dry. So I took a screwdriver and a hammer to it.

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Also did a coolant flush today. Used concentrated Prestone extended. And mixed with distilled water to make a 50/50 mix. But more like 60water and 40coolant. A mix I've always done.
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Few other things I did last week. Install LED license plate bulbs, replace cabin filter and engine air filter and made my headlights look new again.

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good stuff! welcome to the club. LMk if you need some euror parts:)
I think I'll eventually do a Euro R conversion. It's my favorite lol. I'll be sure to let you know when, Thanks!
Hey there, great start! Any night pics of the LED license plate lights? Where'd you pick them up from? My cheap ebay ones are still holding up but they're a tad too blue for my liking :(
Here's a link. I've bought from him before. There's a slight blueish to it. But I think it's due to the lense not the LED.

2 x HID White 360° 5 SMD 168 194 2825 LED Bulbs for License Plate Lights | eBay

I'll take some pics tonight for you.
Weird question.
Can someone recommend me a good HID kit for my moms 2008 Honda Accord Sedan SE. She really likes how the TSX headlights look and she wants something similar. I don't want to replace the bulbs for brighter ones due to hallogen bulbs short life span and melting housing etc. On the accord forums guys are talking about $200-$500 HID kits which is waaay out the question. I'm in the $75 or less range. If anyone can help with some recomendations that'd be great. Just need them nice bright white that are durable and built to last. Last resort will be

Thanks in advance!
Look for 35W Morimoto HID kits but I doubt that are so cheap, and look for 4300k color don't go over, if you want an OEM look.
Don't go for cheap bulbs either they won't put the right amount of lights on the road.
Thanks! I'll look into them.
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