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They are slow at the moment. I am waiting to find my own ASP3 now before I do my clutch job. In the mean time, I am going to try to put on the arms Tony sent out to me this weekend. I am anticipating a huge fight with those bolts after 263k miles.

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Me and @tr3flip recently ran 2 competitive events at streets of willow. 5/8 Honda time attack challenge and 5/21 Vtec club.

Between events I bought a custom 3” exhaust from a buddy Lee he made up. Here’s a potato quality photo.

Vtec club-

For my first time at streets I ran a 1.31.7 placing me 11/21 street class.
I went back 2 weeks later with some more push and ran a 1:29.4 placing 13/39 N1 class. If I stand corrected the results are on Tony’s recent thread update. Super happy with the improvement but I’ve been getting tired of how slow the car still is with power. It handles great, gearing is awesome with the lsd. Just need more induction.

Went ahead and picked up 1 of the last 4 RBC (out of 07-11 civic Si) in the whole country as far as Honda’s inventory.​


so next on the list is Throttle body. I made a junkyard mission for a J35 out of an 2003 RL but found out as I was taking it apart it’s cable. 2005+ Is what I want to look for.
I didn’t want to leave empty handed so I found a 2004 TL 3.2 and ripped out the throttle body.

compared it to the TSX one and here’s the specs.
3.2 TL - 68mm
2004 tsx- 62 mm
2005+ 3.5 RL- 72mm

With 5mm difference I think I’ll throw it in to test out the RBC for now but the 3.5 drive by wire hunt is still on!
More updates on the rbc to come.


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